• Antisamos Beach

  • Antisamos Beach

The Beach

Antisamos is not only listed amongst the best beaches on the Island of Kefalonia, but also on the entire Ionian region.

The lush surrounding environment of the bay, verdant hills and mountains covered with cypresses and oaks, reflects on the crystal clear clean waters, creating a magical emerald color spectrum.

The beach is embedded with large white pebbles, it’s long in length and width and has been awarded the blue flag. It offers stunning views of the azure waves of the Ionian Sea, along with the southern part of Ithaca Island which is visible on the horizon.

The transparent sea bottom can easily reveal the breathtaking underwater environment while swimming. Don’t hesitate to explore it with the necessary snorkel equipment.

A dazzling canvas of green and blue is painted in all imaginable shades offering a rare experience for the visitor’s senses every single time. 


Mojito Beach Bar & Restaurant is located in Antisamos Beach bay, some 5km away from Sami town, on the eastern part of Kefalonia Island.

An area of approximately 80 hectares of remarkable rock formations, verdant hills, hidden coves, and seashores with crystalline waters in an authentic unspoilt scenery.

The beach bar & restaurant is located in the middle of the beach and it is easily accessible to all visitors whatever vehicle they are using for their move. The beach bar facilities offer also a huge free parking area.
Visit the dazzling beach of Antisamos with crystal clear waters and live a unique and unforgettable experience


The wider area of Sami is rich of historical and archeological interest. The surrounding hills and mountains are covered with fortifications of the powerful city state of ancient Sami, whose ruins can be found across Lapitha and Avgo mountains that overlook Sami’s harbor town and Antisamos bay. Several picturesque trails lead to the remnants of the Ancient Acropolis and the fortress which are located on the hills of palaiokastro and agioi Fanentes offering spectacular views of the scenic landscapes. Ancient Sami state, one of the four city states of Kefalonia Island during antiquity, was an autonomous and sovereign state with its own coin. A powerful and highly inhabited city state with solid fortification that thrived duo to sea commerce development. Numerous references of ancient Sami can be traced in Homer’s famous poems that recite the Trojan War. With the rise of the Roman Empire, and particularly in 188 B.C, after a 4 month siege under the command of the Roman High Marco Foulvio Navilitor, Sami’s autonomy and freedom came to an end.

Recent History

In recent years, the unspoilt beauty of antisamos beach caught the attention of Hollywood and became the backdrop for some of the most impressive scenes of the famous production “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” which was filmed in Kefalonia and mostly in the wider area of Sami, in the summer of 2000. The entire area became a vast backdrop to convey the actors in Kefalonia of 1940’s. Antisamos hosted many scenes amongst whom, the famous explosion scene which created one of the best spectacular effects. The movie was screened in cinemas around the world with big success.

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